Guest Curator
Anniversary Issue 20

It was an absolute pleasure to be selected as guest curator for the Anniversary Issue  of Art Maze  Magazine. Art Maze Magazine is an independent artist-run international print publication dedicated to discovering and promoting experimental and progressive contemporary art, which reflects modern society and its environment, provokes conversation and action; fosters innovation and diversity of mediums which make today’s art scene so intriguing and versatile. It isis published five times per year online and in print and announces a competition-based curated call for art for each issue every 2-3 months. Curators are selected from internationally renowned galleries as well as independent art professionals to select works for each issue’s curated section of works. 

Gustav Hamilton    
Six Tables in a Park
Brooklyn, New York
October 4, 2020

Zoe Fisher Projects is thrilled to present Six Tables In A Park, a solo exhibition of new freestanding sculptural tables by Brooklyn-based artist Gustav Hamilton. In Six Tables in a Park, Gus’s stunning ceramic paintings move from the gallery wall to the domestic space. Surfaces meant for sitting, eating and entertaining, become surfaces upon which Gus’s ornate illustrations create illusions of another dimension. Painted in ceramic glaze, are trompe l'oeil everyday objects, flowers, birds and fruit. In other areas, holes, crevices and windows create surreal portals in which “the viewer has a chance to escape from the regular world” writes Gus. These surreal moments speak not only to Magriette’s Human Condition paintings, but also Wile E. Coyote and his fantastical tunnel and road paintings. Six Tables in A Park provides a literal and figurative space to set aside reality, your daily coffee, and dream perhaps of a lighter, happier place.
Six Tables In A Park will be on view one day only at

Cooper Park
October 11, 2020

Online Viewing Room  ︎︎︎

The ________ Show
Exhibition Series
New York, NY

Zoe Fisher’s Object Exhibition Series began in 2016 with The Lamp Show and has continued on to include The Paperweight Show,  The Ashtray Show, and most recently The Essential Goods Show. These exhibitions aim to engage both established as well as emerging artists and designers in a dialogue about objecthood - pushing the artist’s disciplinary boundaries, introducing new ways of making and allowing for a deeper understanding of how objects play a role in our daily lives.

Fisher Parrish Gallery   
238 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, New York
2017 – 2020

Fisher Parrish Gallery was a contemporary art gallery located in Brooklyn, New York founded by Zoe Fisher and Patrick Parrish in 2017. Located in the former 99¢ Plus Gallery space, it ran for 3 plus years and held 28 exhibtions, focusing primarily on young and emerging artists. Represented artists included Alexander Harrison, Aaron Elvis Jupin, Tricia Keightley, Gustav Hamilton, Caitlin MacBride, Zach Martin, Maureen St. Vincent, Chris Beeston, and Eric Timothy Carlson.

99¢ Plus Gallery
238 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, New York
2014 – 2016

99¢ Plus was an artist run gallery and studio which aimed to create an all-inclusive space in which the production, exhibition, and consumption of art and objects could exist under one roof. Founded by Simran Johnston, Zoe Alexander Fisher, and Riley Strom, 99¢ Plus shared its storefront gallery space with HANDJOB Gallery/Store - a design focused exhibition space curated by Zoe Fisher.