The Views
Moskowitz Bayse
Los Angeles, CA
February 15 – March 19, 2022

Moskowitz Bayse is pleased to present The Views, an exhibition curated by Zoe Fisher, that brings together depictions of windows in painting and sculpture by artists Colby Bird, Ross Caliendo, Plum Cloutman, Stevie Dix, Al Freeman, Henry Glavin, Garrett Gould, Gustav Hamilton, Alexander Harrison, Serban Ionescu, Aaron Jupin Elvis, Sung Hwa Kim, Rainen Knecht, Matthew Leifheit, Stacy Leigh, Anne Libby, Jane Margarette, Quentin James McCaffrey, Paul Metrinko, Darby Millbrath, Adam Moskowitz, Chris Oh, Jacopo Pagin, Cait Porter, Ernesto Renda, Clayton Schiff, Matt Taber, Brian Tolle, and Sarah Zapata.
Exhibition on View February 15 - March 16, 2022
Opening Reception: February 19, 6-9 PM

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Caitlin MacBride
NADA x Foreland
Catskill, NY
August 28 – 29, 2021

Zoe Fisher Projects is thrilled to present a site specific installation of work by Hudson-based artist Caitlin MacBride at NADA x Foreland, a collaborative weekend exhibition in Catskill opening to the public next Saturday August 28th. Organized with Jesse Greenberg of JAG Projects in partnership with Upstate Art Weekend, NADA x Foreland will present artworks from over 100 artists, presented by 81 exhibitors from New Art Dealers Alliance’s community of galleries, non-profits, and artist-run spaces. Hung by an antique rope and pulley from the exposed beams of Foreland’s former textile mill building, MacBride’s newest large-scale oil painting will continue her longstanding interest in the history of American craft and design.
Working within the Foreland studio building for the last few months, Caitlin MacBride and Zoe Fisher Projects are also thrilled to invite you to join us for a solo exhibition of recent works in Caitlin MacBride’s studio in the Foreland Front Building, Studio 6F. Please text or call if you need any assistance finding us and see you there! 415 846 5861

NADA x Forelan will be on view Saturday & Sunday, August 28 and 29 from 11am–8pm.

361 Main Street
Catskill, NY

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Maureen St. Vincent
Online  Only
May 20 – June 27, 2021

Zoe Fisher Projects is pleased to present Motherlover, a solo exhibition of new works by Maureen St. Vincent, on view for one moment only, in a secret location tucked into the grassy hills of Northern California, between the poppies and dandelions. In this new series, Maureen evokes the irreverent joy and blissful release of Spring in tandem with the odd and humorous erotisism of its signs and symbols. Click to continue reading press release ︎︎︎

Motherlover  will be on view to the public online only through June 27th, 2020.

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The Weekly Special

The Weekly Special is a weekly email by Zoe Fisher Projects highlighting one single artwork by a young emerging artist I feel deserves your utmost attention. In a new virtual world full of choices - infinite scrolls of images and information - I have been craving singularity. Let The Weekly Special be the remedy to your choice overload, your information fatigue and more importantly, your guide to discovering new works by young artists making important and beautiful work in “these difficult times”.

Adam Alessi
NADA House
Governors Island, NY
May 8 – August 1, 2021

Zoe Fisher Projects is thrilled to present a site specific installation of works by Los Angeles-based artist Adam Alessi for the first time in New York at NADA House. In a new suite of oil and flashe paintings paired with never before seen ceramic works and sculptures, Alessi depicts the archetype of the trickster and his various uncanny surrogates. Mischievous masked figures dance across washy dreamlike canvases and ghoulish faces emerge from ceramic pots and doll figures. Suspended in their object or frame, these tricksters taunt us with stories and magic untold, and within the context of the uncanny domestic space of the Governors Island houses, these images just may come alive.
NADA House  will be on view May 8 – August 1, 2021.

House 403, Floor A
A Colonels Row,
Governors Island
New York, NY

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